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Glow is a no-loss lottery that doubles as your number one savings account. Receive the best-in-class interest and have a shot at winning the lottery every week, for free.

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Save and win at the same time

Get up to 5% APR when you deposit USD onto your Glow account. After depositing, you receive free lottery tickets - giving you the chance to win the weekly jackpot. Get more out of your dollar and win cash prizes at the same time!

Free every week

You'll get a free lottery ticket for every 25USD deposited on Glow. And your tickets are valid every week, meaning you always have a free shot at the jackpot!

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Redeem prizes instantly

You don't have to hit the jackpot to be a winner. Redeem your winnings whenever you please and your winnings will hit your Glow account in an instant. Just score two consecutive numbers and you'll have your hands on some cash in no time.

More savings, more tickets, more fun.

How To Win

You might have a question or two

Glow is built on top of Terra, a blockchain that is frequently dubbed the innovation hub for money. Specifically, Glow leverages Anchor protocol, a flagship savings product of Terra. By plugging Anchor into Glow, we're able to offer the best-in-class interest rate.

What does that mean for you? A better way to make money on your deposits, and a bigger jackpot for you to win every week.

To answer this question, it's probably a good idea to understand where the jackpot comes from. A fraction of all Glow deposits are collectively lent out to generate yield (interest). This yield is then put forth into a weekly prize purse.

You're able to redeem (free and recurring) tickets because your deposit contributes to the weekly prize purse. Because of this, we're aptly described as a no-loss lottery - you've got everything to gain by simply depositing and redeeming free lottery tickets. Put another way, as long as your funds remain deposited on Glow, you're accruing interest and have a weekly shot at the prize purse!

You get one ticket per 25USD deposited. Deposit 50USD and you'll receive 2 tickets. You can pick 5 numbers per ticket. Each number has a range between 1-9. If you deposit more than 100USD, your ticket combinations will be selected for you.

Sometimes referred to as permanent, your weekly access to the lottery is guaranteed by a free, 'recurring' ticket. For as long as your funds remain deposited and accruing interest on your Glow account, you'll be able to keep using your recurring ticket(s). Alternatively put, your tickets will roll over to next week's lottery provided you keep your funds deposited.

The Glow lottery takes place weekly on a Sunday at 12:00PDT, 15:00EDT, 21:00CEST.

We'll always announce the winning jackpot combination directly on your own dashboard page! And we'll always announce the winning wallet address on our Twitter. You're able to claim any winnings of yours directly from your Glow dashboard and redemption is instant.

Start saving. Start winning.

Getting started is as easy as your ABCs. We're launching mid December.